Thursday, 31 March 2016

Stages of an archeological dig - to date

I am involved with an art project, which is working in conjunction with a three year archeological program at Kerry Lodge just outside Launceston. The archeologists are hoping to find the Kerry Lodge convict station, (active 1834-1848) which housed the convicts during the construction of the nearby bridge, which is built over Jinglers Creek.

Drawing in space

The dig site was marked out.

The top layer of earth is removed from the mound of rocks within that space.

Colour coding the earth by an international standard.

A wall and the makings of a fireplace have been found beneath that 
pile of rocks.

Caroline Heine an archeological illustrator draws a profile of the wall.

As I left the dig the sheep moved in, and I was struck by the post colonial nature of the scene, which seemed fitting to the focus of unearthing a dwelling from the time of early white settlement.

I will stay in touch with the team and post updates of their progress.

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