Friday, 13 January 2017

Agar Maps and Constellations in the Grass. The Archeology of the Sky

           Experiments in Agar Maps, 1-1-2017. Agar, sisal, cheesecloth and Launceston dirt.
I'm taking part in Ten Days on the Island

I'll be at the dig site casting/catching the stars via Agar Maps: I'll pour hot liquid agar onto the earth and reinforce it with sisal and or cheesecloth. The idea is that the aga absorbs the earth from below and catches the stardust on its upper surface.

I'll also be mapping out the southern constellations with pegs and string mirroring the technique used by the archeologists to mark out their site. 


  1-1-2017. Agar, sisal, cheesecloth and Launceston dirt.

   1-10-2016. Agar, sisal and Melbourne dirt.

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