Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Archaeology of the Sky 2017

The Archaeology of the Sky is part of an ongoing project connected to the archaeological dig at Kerry Lodge, Launceston, Tasmania. 
This work extends the ideas explored in Starmaps 2016 where the patterns of the pegs and string that marked out the dig site suggested the pattern of the stars in the night sky above, constellating in Starmaps.
As above so below.

The Archaeology of the Sky is a process based performative installation which took place over six days at the archaeological dig. I used pegs and string to map the southern constellations onto the site, briefly grounding them at Kerry Lodge. The web of lines that emerged from this process wrapped the site and framed its contours forming a taut network of star patterns.

The Archaeology of the Sky 2017

Strata: Tracing The Past
Ten Days On The Island
Installed at Kerry Lodge Archaeological Dig, Launceston, Tasmania 
Metal pegs and builders string.

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