Tuesday, 10 January 2017

bird cuneiform

I planned to use traces of bird footprints left in the mud at low tide as little moulds.
I'd photograph the footprint and number the image, then carefully fill the footprint with Hydrocal 105 - a fast setting buff stone/plaster, let it set, remove it and place it in its own little bag and match the number to the photograph. 
In this way I'd be able to reassemble each foot print, and accumulate a record of the bird life on the Tamar in Launceston i.e. Bird Cuneiform.
However, the reality on arrival in Launceston is that the mud is too deep for me to stand in and perform my casting operations and create Bird Cuneiform

Duck footprints

So I have made a list of all the bird sightings on the Tamar and will research the feet of these birds and use Dass or a similar material and form the footprints of each bird 
my self.

I make regular sightings of the swan family.

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