Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Mud and tides

I prepared tidal charts for the Tamar Estuary in Launceston.
I was ready to map the tidal zone.

I set out on the 6th with six 2.2 metre poles to plant along the low tide mark  -- I stepped into the mud to make my way out to the waterline and sank knee deep into it. Hours later (in the roaring heat) the poles were in with the water level, time and date marked onto them.
I returned at high tide with the other six 2.2 metre poles to place along the high tide mark, but it was impossible to gain access, the undergrowth looked snaky and the depth of the water was unpredictable with so much mud beneath.
I returned home with the six poles knowing I would not be able to pull off my vision of the twelve poles in situ, inscribed with the record of the tides over the next two weeks, and the final installation of pink builders string linking the poles across the tidal zone was not going to happen.

Low tide, Tamar Estuary, Launceston, Tasmania


Six poles, low tide, Tamar Estuary, Launceston,Tasmania

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