Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Exploring the Tamar and the old port

Walked around the juncture of the Tamar Estuary and the South Esk
River. There is an ongoing build up of silt in this area and the City of 
Launceston has an ongoing raking program to remove it.

The upper most reaches of the Tamar Estuary in Launceston, where 
it flows into the South Esk River.

Walked further to the junction of the North Esk River and the Tamar, 
which is the area in Launceston where the worst flooding occurs.

There was an active port at the convergence of the Tamar and the 
North and South Esk Rivers and there are remnants of the old port 
under the boardwalk that's recently been built around the perimeter 
of the Tamar and North Esk River.

Traces of the old port, under the boardwalk. 1 and 2


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